Prof. Dr. Hasret Comak

Prof. Dr. Hasret Comak

Consultant - President

Professor Comak was born in Bartın and graduated from the Turkish Land Force Academy in 1976 (On behalf of the Naval Forces Command). He holds a Master’s Degree and 2. PhD degrees from Istanbul University. He also has the following academic appointments:

1. Faculty of Finance and Revenue, İstanbul University - 1982

2. Faculty of Political Science, İstanbul University - 1982.

3. Faculty of Law, İstanbul University - 1988.

4. Master’s Degree on International Relations, İstanbul University - 1984

5. PhD on Economics, İstanbul University - 1987.

6. PhD on Political Science and Public Administration, İstanbul University - 1990.

He was appointed as Associate Professor in 1996 and became a colonel from the Turkish military forces in 1997. He served as Head of the Social Sciences Department of the Turkish Naval Academy, Head of the Political Sciences and the Economic Sciences and Business Administration Departments from 1989 to 2000.

In 2001, he was appointed Professor of International Relations Department at the Kocaeli University. In his years of service at Kocaeli University, he served in various capacities, including Head of International Relations of the Department at Faculty of Economics Administrative Sciences between, Head of the International Law Department at the Faculty of Economics Administrative Sciences between, Dean of the College of Communications, Dean of the Department of Economics Administrative Sciences, Head of the Justice Vocational School between, Secretary General of the Western Black Sea Universities Association, and Vice Rector of the Kocaeli University.

He holds professional licenses as an attorney and a CPA and is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association and a member of the Chamber of Certified Public Accountants in Istanbul.

In 2013, he received the “Honorary Professor” designation from the Academic Council of the Gumilyov National Eurasian University, Gumilyov National Eurasian University.

Currently he is associated with Arel University and holds several positions:

Head of the International Relations Department at Faculty of Economics Administrative Sciences, Director of the International Strategic Researches Application and Research Center Board, Member of the Faculty of Economics Administrative Sciences, Member of Senate, Editor of the Faculty Journal and President and a member in various commissions.

He is a member of over 20 international scientific and cultural foundations or associations. He is a founding member of the Learned People Strategic Research Center (BILGESAM), a Member of the Executive Committee and the Director of European and Security Research.

He has over 30 books on international institutions, international and global security, regional security, European studies, international law, international humanitarian law, maritime law, Turkish foreign policy, geopolitics, geo-strategy, energy, terrorism and diplomacy. He has authored over 100 articles and has over 50 National and International Declarations.

In 2006, he was received the Award of “Scientist Who Has Strategic Vision” by the Turkish-Asian Strategic Research Center (TASAM) and over 30 Rewards from various National and International institutions. He is a founding member and partner of the Mali Concept Accounting Company in İstanbul.

He enjoys travelling, writing, teaching.

Hasret Çomak is only licensed to practice law in Turkey.