Practice Areas

International Arbitration and Mediation

We help clients proceed through the maze of international arbitration and mediation providing invaluable insight into strategies. We strive to manage the needs of the client in a complex litigation world by evaluating the needs of the client and not the billable hours. We are unique and set ourselves apart from other firms because we focus more on the client. We want to know our clients and we allocate time in nurturing these relationships, one client at a time. We believe in providing personalized consulting services in all forms of mediation and arbitration.

International Business and Transactions

We help clients achieve their business goals and protect their property rights- both domestically and internationally. We provide opinions and advice in all areas of innovation, investments and acquisition of assets. We believe that our clients invest a significant amount of time and money into ensuring compliance with local regulations in the countries in which they are based, but global companies must also consider the panoply of compliance challenges they may face in rapidly changing economic and political markets. Our members have vast experience in dealing with such challenges and are prepared to provide the necessary consulting services to our clients.

Due Diligence-Anti-Corruption

We are an experienced team that can help businesses investigate sensitive incidents and implement broad anti-corruption compliance programs that can avoid potentially reputation-damaging situations. We are a proactive firm that can help clients manage risks across multiple continents, in a reliable and ethically-obtained intelligence. Our members will work closely with international clients to help them make informed decisions, capitalize on opportunities, solve problems and avoid potential losses.


Our members work with clients to achieve short-term objectives while also positioning them for long-term strategic advantage. We structure, negotiate and close deals for businesses of all sizes and in all stages of maturity.

WE THINK LIKE BUSINESS PEOPLE. We advise clients on how to successfully implement strategies that will allow them to grow domestically and internationally by formulating plans that are based on the specific needs of each client. We adhere to strict standards and we identify opportunities through a network of highly qualified associates.

Regulatory and Advisory Services

We believe that clients must stay competitive and they must manage risk, proactively. We adhere to strict compliance but we believe clients should also stay in business. Our members guide clients through the complex government and other regulatory standards with creativity, innovation and most of all, insight.

Innovation - Startups

We help startups and corporate ventures launch new products and concepts rapidly into the market. Our members have vast experience in helping startups to commercialize their ideas and we are working on establishing an innovation/incubator center in Turkey. We position our clients in their negotiations with Venture Capital Companies and other funding partners and we can help them develop a plan that works in a commercialized world that can only capitalize a few opportunities.