Major Independent Audit and Chartered Certified Accountancy Company was established in January 2006 by Uğurcan ÖZSES, chairman of the board of directors.


In following years, Erhan ÖKMEN, who was resigned from the Konya Tax Office in 2008, Serdar KOYUTURK, who was resigned from the General Secretary of Revenues and Tax Council in 2013, and Nuri DEĞER, who was resigned from the duty of Deputy Undersecretary of Customs, Şükrü DILAVER , who was resigned from the chairman of Tax Admiration of Istanbul and Ayhan YAMAN, who was resigned from board of the Tax Inspectors of the Ministry of Finance in 2015, have joined our current partnership structure.


In addition to the headquarter in Ankara, Major organized offices in Istanbul in 2009, Izmir in 2013 and Kocaeli in 2014.


With the ever-growing staff, Major Independent Audit Chartered certified Accountancy aims to reach every corner of Turkey.


Our Vision

Being the best Independent Audit and Chartered certified Accountancy in Turkey

Our Mission

We have an active working desire and an efficient functioning organization about;

Our society
Our employees
Our customers
The world and the environment,
Our Values

To meet every need of our customers with timely and best manner with our quality service concept we have made,
To fulfill our services in accordance with the Laws and Regulations and ethical values,
Taking the basis of human investment and keeping the team work in the forefront,
To establish effective communication with both the customers and the other stakeholders of the society,
Keeping the environmental benefits in mind by drawing public and human values ??to the forefront
Our Strategy

Ensuring long-term effective growth by creating quality value
Customer happiness
The highest level of service
Share your experiences
Rigor in legal practice
Our Human Resources

To increase the productivity of trainers
Maximizing performance