Dr. Bettina Nemeth

Dr. Bettina Nemeth

Consultant - Partner

Bettina Nemeth has a Doctorate of Laws degree from Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law (“ELTE”), the top ranked law school in Hungary. She briefly worked for a non-profit company in Gyor, Hungary, representing consumers who obtained high interest mortgages and dealt with work outs of loans under default. She did her practice period at the Office of the Chief Prosecutor in Gyor, evaluating misdemeanor cases, preparing the required information for the filing of indictments. She also interned for a criminal defense lawyer in Gyor, Hungary in 2014.

She was an arbitrator for Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot in 2016 and assisted in the administration of Vis Pre-moot competition in Budapest for a couple of years. Her professional interests include, human rights and the migration crisis affecting the European Union and Turkey, with an emphasis on discrimination and the protection of migrant children and women. She advocates streamlined asylum processes and educational and job opportunities for displaced people and is a strong supporter of a common European Union policy dealing with the migration crisis.

She enjoys skiing and traveling and likes to spend time in her maternal grandparents’ village in Hungary as she is close to nature. She is vigilant about animal rights and the homeless and is in charge of the firm’s pro bono services and projects. She speaks fluent Hungarian, English and some German.

Bettina Nemeth is not licensed to practice law in any Jurisdiction.